We call them O-FAQ´s because actually they are questions we frequently ask ourselves.  



Why was Samstag Rad established?

I used to work as an artist, mainly painting, and finally wanted to do something more rational, something people need and would use.


What´s the idea with bicycles?

I had already searched for something new allowing me to still be creative but also live more sustainable. Then I had this strange encounter after which I saw more and more bikes left in the streets. (The story read in german language - Podcast)


What´s so special about Samstag Rad?

The bicycles are dumped or we find them in the streets. We put seemingly worthless material through an upcycling-process and build valuable objects that are appreciated again. Every bike is unique object of art.


How do you manage the transformation?

With alot of love for details and strong interest in the quality once put into manufacturing bicycles and parts. Steel is a faszinating and inspiring material.


What can I get from you?

Women and men have 5 choices:

- You select one of about 25 ready to go bicycles from the show room (from 700 €)

- You get inspired by the ones you see and let us build one especially for you. Color and components are your choice. (from 1.000 €) 

- Chose an object of art. We create an exceptionally unique bicycle taking your special wishes into account. (starting at 2000 €)

- Bring us your old bike and we make it a beauty again. Defect parts will be exchanged by good and refurbished ones. A defect frame will be repaired. Includes some new parts such as tires and for brakes. (from 1.200 €)

- Chose among 100 elegant frames in stock with a nice patina (no new powder coat). The bike will have all refurbished parts and ride safely for a few more decades. (from 500 €) 


Some people may find these rates rather expensive, don´t you think?

Some people even find our bicycles too cheap and think they are no good. Anyone visiting us looking for a bargain is at the wrong place. We are not interested in offering cheap bikes. We serve people with an appreciation for high quality bicycles. There is alot of craftsmanship, skill and patience in our bikes.. A bike being loved by its owner will serve good for a long time. If you find one or two thousand euros too much for a vehicle that will bring you stylishly from A to B for many years, you better keep on cruising with a car wasting more ressources.


Who are the people interested in a Samstag Rad?

They are individualists attracted by the extraordinary. Instead of mass products they prefer uniqueness expressing their personality. They are no brand fetischists. Samstag Rad actually is no brand. We solely emblaze old bicycle brands and use another name. Companies order Samstag bicycles because they like the sustainable idea combined with style. Some use our bikes in order to communicate their positive image.


Can I just step by?

We appreciate spontaneousness. But it´s better to make an appointment. When I´m in the middle of a creative process I prefer not being disturbed. If we have an appointment I will take all the time necessary.


Where did you learn to build bicycles?

It takes alot of patience to build them, either you have it or not. Most of our work cannot be learned. As an artist I have a feeling for style and aesthetics I guess. The technical know-how I obtained as a teenager tuning motorcycles with friends. We were most passionate about it.  


What motivates you working?

I find it sexy to work with materials that are worthless for most people. I see cultural and technical treasures in alot of these materials. Many old bicycles have a history worth preserving. I want to give them back some of their original shine. Modern design elements help me out. I like the idea to unite the timeless with the contemporary


Is there something you get mad about?

People, holding on to their YOLO lifestyle not ready to realize that they have to start disclaiming. 


Do you think you can make the world a better place?

No, the world itself is perfect. My contribution to a world worth living in isnt´ based on morals or the expectation to make things better. But I am glad to do something that makes sense and may help to create a liveable future.


What´s the biggest problem with bicycles today?

The lack of quality and the fact that bikes – for many people - compete with cars. People who buy a bike for a couple of hundred euros today harm the environment by leaving a carbon footprint that could easily be avoided by buying a good bike. 


What will I not get at Samstag Rad?

Whatever makes business bad: Cheap, sales or silly offers like 2 for one or Happy Hour. And no so called Custom-Mades, usually they are mass products. It´s not surprising that the idea of customizing was invented by the automobile industry.  


What do you like to do most?

The process of making an old bicycle nice again fascinates me. It´s like continuing writing an old story. Working with steel and good materials gives me a good feeling. I keep on falling in love with details and the caring manner frames and parts once were crafted.  


Can I get my bike repaired by you?

We only take care of bikes produced before the 1980s. We like compicated repairs. If you have flat tires or defect fenders visit a normal workshop please. But we take care of bicycles built by Samstag Rad anytime.


How do I secure my bike properly?

Samstag Rad has a build in mechanism which destroys cheap bike locks. No, just kidding. But we wished, it was true. There is no lock good enough to really secure a bicycle. Every lock can easily be opened with the right tools. But you can make it a little harder for thiefs by locking it in a public place and hooking it to a fence or traffic sign. The best is to take it inside your home, an office or into buildings. The earlier you get started the better are your chances that you enjoy riding your bike a long time. If you don´t like carrying around a good lock we suggest, don´t get a bike. 



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