The manufactory Samstag Rad

About three years ago we began building unique bicycles with parts and materials worthless for most people. 

The idea

Bicycles left in the streets make a sad picture. Many of them made by quality brands were built to last and served as comfortable vehicles for decades. Nowadays people get rid even of rare classics because of flat tires, poor brakes or simply because they´ve lost their shine over the years. Carelessly they are replaced by cheap and ugly discount-bikes - a regrettable trend which called a passionate guerilla-movement onto the pavement:  Samstag Rad.



The initiator

Christopher Lewis studied Film and Drama (B.A.) in the U.S. and has a Master of Arts in Mediamanagement. He worked in commercials for five years, thereafter he became an artist creating individual information-systems and signs with pictogramms. Among a few documentary films Lewis produced one about the german art-market. Before establishing the upcycling project Samstag Rad he worked as a tech representative for BionX, an OEM for pedelec components.  



Samstag Rad

Impact HUB Munich GmbH
Gotzinger Strasse 8
81371 Munich


Visits by appointment only

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Our partners

Our partners and team members are authentic, meticulous and have a very good eye on things. Together we give the world back something of what we take. Our ideas are sustainable and forward-looking. We like to make people happy by doing what we do. 

People we like to work with

of bikes and parts

Impact HUB München

Elias Hassos /// Ulrik Hoelzel /// Paul Huf /// Axel Öland /// Michael Schrenk /// Tobias Tschepe /// Peter Wiesmeier 



SADDLERY Mike Schaaf

WEBDESIGN Lublasser Werbeagentur



Articles in magazines, TV, radio and online media - in german language

A small selection


GLS Bank - Bank Spiegel -Customer magazine

A portrait of Samstag Rad on Page 31.

December 2013



brand eins - Magazine

Samstag Rad made it into the most important economics magazine in german language.

Issue Oktober 2012.




Bayerisches Fernsehen - TV

One of our favourite stations made a short film about what we are doing.

June 2013