Samstag for Ladies

Our different offers with price ranges you´ll find on the bottom of this page.  


Samstag by Ludwig Beck

Ludwig Beck, the well known department store for exclusive products in the centre of Munich asked Samstag to make a special bike. The beauty decorated the stores´ main showcase until June - the motto was: Upcycling. Artistic work was done on the unique frame which was handmade by Motobecane in the 1970s. The bike was equipped with first-class components.

Sold. Similar frame on request.




This elegant and nostalgic frame (Size 56 cm) was built by TORPEDO in the 1950s. We gave this somewhat sad looking bicycle its freshness back adding a color. It´s a 28' with aluminium wheels, internal 5-gear hub and stainless steel fenders. The saddle was rebuilt, the handles are old, but never used. A bicycle for a lady who can afford to be conspicuous.  

Please ask for options to buy.




A Rabeneick built in the 1960s with beautiful lugs and pretty tubes. The wheels are size 28', the frame measures 54 cm in height. Chrome fork, chrome wheels, stainless steel fenders. The original saddle was rebuilt in a chic snakeskin look, old handles with marble look. Comfortable handelbar, no gears. A glossy bike for a bright woman. 

Please ask for options to buy.




A comfortable Dutch-bike from the 1970s powder coated in pure white. All original parts were refurbished. Fichtel & Sachs internal hub with 3 gears. Rebuilt saddle, shiny blue handles (new old stock). Most parts are with chrome. A plain bike for a demanding woman. 

Sold. Similar frames in the dutch style on request.



Peugeot - rebuilt customer bike

All defect parts on this elegant bike made in the 1970s got exchanged. Damaged areas on the paintwork were abraded and polished before the frame was fully clear coated. A bike with stunning lugs lovingly made in France. 

Similar frames on request.




Rare and agile frame (size 48 cm) with a nice geometry made by VFS Fahrradmanukaktur in the early 1980s. A Singlespeed weighing less than 10 kg! The alternative to a typical street racer. It´s not really the right bike to get your groceries with, but that´s something the rider of this bike presumably doesn´t like doing anyway. A black beauty with V-brakes from Suntour that will not be used often.

Sold. One similar frame available.



Appolonia - Mixte

Originally designed as unisex bicycles in the 1970s and 80s "Mixte" frames were preferred by women in the past. Refurbished like this, guys began riding them lately. A high quality frame handmade by PEUGEOT with 28'' wheels. Your choice of five derailleur gears or we make it a Singlespeed.

Sold. Several frames alike in different sizes are waiting to become your dream bike.  




A petite 26' made by VICTORIA in the 1950s. New powder coat in light red and gray. Internal 3-gear hub, white sidewall tyres, stainless steel wheels, pretty red handles (new old stock). 

Sold. Similar frames in different sizes on request.


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Women can chose among five categories:

- You select one of about 25 ready to go bicycles from the show room (from 700 €)

- You get inspired by the ones you see and let us build one especially for you. Color and components are your choice. (from 1.000 €) 

- Chose an object of art. We create an exceptionally unique bicycle taking your special wishes into account. (starting at 2.000 €)

- Bring us your old bike and we make it a beauty again. Defect parts will be exchanged by good and refurbished ones. A defect frame will be repaired. Includes some new parts such as tires and for brakes. (from 1.200 €)

- Chose among 100 elegant frames in stock with a nice patina (no new powder coat). The bike will have all refurbished parts and ride safely for a few more decades. (from 500 €)